Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Why Are Tinsel Copper Wires Used?

Tinsel copper wires refer to electrical wires which are known for having very high mechanical flexibility. These wires are extensively used in the making of cords for telephones, speakers, loudspeakers, telecom cables etc. The tinsel copper wires undergo a processing through electrolyte copper, tinsel Silver, silver-plated copper and cadmium copper. In this process, it is flattened and coated with threads like nylon and cotton threads, silver threads and Nomex threads. After this processing, the wires are made to go through other processes like twisting and braiding to become tinsel copper wires.

The tinsel copper wires are widely used in industries like electrical, telecommunication, manufacturing and construction. These are highly flexible and ideally suited for companies which are looking for flexible metals to create products which are durable and offer high-end performance. Regardless of the ups and downs of temperature, this type of copper wire can withstand the fluctuations and deliver consistently. This feature also makes them ideal for marine applications; the additional layer of tin makes the quality of these copper wires even better. The high malleability and conductivity of tinsel copper wires make them more preferable compared to the standard copper wires. They are found to last longer and deliver better performance; even in adverse weather conditions.

These advantages make the tinsel copper wires much popular amongst different industries. At the same time, you need to ensure that you buy these wires from reliable manufacturers. The wires should be properly tested to make them safe for use and the manufacturers must conform to proper manufacturing techniques and quality standards. To find out reliable manufacturers, you must check for online reviews about their products. Client testimonials and feedbacks are important when it comes to picking the right suppliers for tinsel copper wires.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Reputed Manufacturers Prefer Bare Bunched Copper Wires

Bare Bunched Copper Wire of superb quality are being extensively used in the aerospace industry such as cockpit circuit machinery, radio transmission devices in space station, shuttles, and maritime engineering . Bare bunched copper wire give high performance even in extreme climates.
Bare bunched copper wires are known for accuracy and safety

Bare bunched copper wires are restructured according to the requirements of latest electrical gadgets and data encryptions. They are insulated with alloyed metal sheaths to enhance their accuracy and safety. The degree of the work safety of the wires depends largely on the number of layers of insulation as well as the kind of material used with bare copper wires. The impurities will disturb the accuracy levels of performances and may trigger disruption of signals. High quality bunched copper wires possess minimum impurity with less than 0.003 percent. The overall process of alloying bare copper wires with other conductor metals improves the physical as well as electrical properties of the gadget.

Bare bunched copper wires are being opted instead of electrical wires

Bare bunched copper wires have replaced the electrical wires in automobile industry since they are resistant to corrosion. These are manufactured solely with the aim to provide the uppermost degree of accuracy as well as zero interference. The copper wires are alloyed with metals such as tin or zinc or silver and nickel. By doing this, the properties of the bare copper wires are transformed significantly.

Check the standard markings on packs of bare bunched copper wires

Many manufacturers make high quality Bare bunched copper wires. You can check out the standard markings and hologram effects on the insulation sheaths on the website of these manufacturers. It is important to mention the diameter, tolerance levels, and insulation degree of the bunched copper wires before placing the order. You should also clearly check the date of manufacturing which is clearly marked on the pack of bare bunched copper wires.

Monday, December 5, 2016

What so Special about Copper Electrical Wires?

Copper’s symbol is Cu and 29 is its atomic number. When you observe copper metal you will find a beautiful red-orange metallic luster. This metal is extensively used nowadays as building material for construction, plumbing, roofing, and most importantly in electrical industry. Copper wires have become very popular. There has been an increased usage of copper electrical wires. This is because of various reasons. Let’s now check the different attributes due to which copper is used as effective electric wires – 
  • Copper is predominantly an excellent electricity conductor. When it comes to this property, there is no other metal in the periodic table that matches with that of copper. The electrical wires that are made from Cu are capable of carrying more electric current, on a comparative term, per wire diameter than any other metal. This also means that depletion of electrical charge is less in these wires than in wires made up of other metals. This is the reason why most rational consumers buy copper wires.
  •  The second most important feature is the ductile property of copper. This metal is very ductile in nature. They can be stretched to great lengths without the chance of getting weakened or being broken.
  • Another important property of element copper is the chemical property. It is abrasion resistant. This is the reason why adverse climatic conditions can’t adversely affect these copper wires. That’s why electrical industry uses copper wires.
  • Tolerance to high temperature also makes users buy copper wires in preference to any other metal wire. A wire surface’s temperature is very high when high voltage current passes through it. In fact, there’s a constant fluctuation in temperature too. All these adversaries can’t be handled by all metal wires. This is where copper wires are superior to the older ones. You should buy copper wire simply because they last longer.