Thursday, June 7, 2018

Why Should You Choose a Reliable Copper Wire Manufacturer?

A reliable copper wire manufacturer is just what you need when you have to make sure that the electrical products you are using are both effective and safe. Copper as a metal has been used for making electrical wiring for many years now; its usage has increased with the years because of the many advantages it offers compared to other metals. Finding an electrical device that has never used copper wiring is hard and most people find copper wires to be the most reliable for doing electrical wiring in their homes.

Reasons to choose a reliable copper wire manufacturer:

Ø  When you have been able to find a reliable copper wire manufacturer, you know you will superior quality wires. These wires are preferred by electrical goods manufacturing companies as they are heat resistant. So, you will not have to deal with issues like overloading. This also explains why the copper wires are found to be used most extensively for machines which have rather heavy electrical circuits. The braided copper rope is also known to be highly resistant to vibrations making it a preferred choice for connectors.

Ø  Copper wires are also preferred because these are found to be resistant to corrosion. While you may notice that there is some effect of oxidation on these wires, their functions are never affected.

Ø  Since copper wire is highly ductile, it is possible to use this for making wires of all kinds, regardless of how thick you want them to be. You can even make ultra thin wires using copper; such wires are even thinner than hair strands. Another advantage of finding a reputed copper wire manufacturer is that the copper wires you will get from them will be malleable. You can bend or twist them according to your needs and you will never have to worry about wire breakage because of vibrations. These are features which have made copper wires highly versatile and perfect for making electrical products. This is also why such wires are widely used for making cables while the thin variety is perfect for use in devices like headphones.

Ø  What makes finding a copper wire manufacturer necessary is the fact that you will need wires that are safe and do not melt away easily. There may be electrical surges from time to time or instances of overloading and fluctuation. So, you need wires which can handle these occurrences without causing fire outbreaks.

Ø  Finally, a good manufacturer will give you high-end wires which are durable and will not come loose within a few years of use. In this sense, copper wires are most preferable because they will not come off easily and you can be confident that they will not cause accidents. Repair work or maintenance activities are less when you choose copper wiring. And what is most important is that copper wires will always work best with other devices which have copper. However, when you use copper wires with non-copper ones, there are chances of galvanic actions. These could provide to be hazardous and may destroy the wires.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Metals And The Fascinating Things About Them

The discovery of metals changed the face of human life. It gave rise to the creation of things such as utensils, tools, weapons, jewelry, and more. Though these were made using stones and clay before, but metals added super strength and longevity to them.


Most metals have the following physical characteristics:
  • They are shiny.
  • They are hard.
  • They have a resistance to stretching.
  • They have high melting or boiling points.
  • They are dense, heavy for their size.
  • They are usually good conductors of heat and electricity.

Various metals have different properties. Some are used mainly to make jewelry, such as gold and silver, while some, like copper, are used to make electrical wires since it has excellent electricity conduction properties. Iron is a very hard metal, and thus is used for making bridges or cars.

Some metals change properties with change in temperatures. For example – mercury is a liquid metal. It solidifies in low temperatures (at around -39 degrees) and becomes a superconductor at the extremely low temperature of -268.8 degrees.

In terms of usage, copper can be called a super metal. This is because:

    1. It is strong.
    2. It gels easily with devices, such as connectors. 
    3. It is resistant to corrosion.
    4. It is an economical metal.
    5. It is easy to mold and use.
    6. It is ductile and malleable.

Cooper is used to make wires and cables of many types. Over time, many permutations and combinations of this wonder metal have cropped up, such as Tin Coated Copper Wire, Copper Laminated Flexible Connectors, and more. This is because this metal can be used in many different ways, and these new variations help in meeting the requirements of some or the other application.


A major benefit of copper wire is it requires less insulation that aluminium. The reason behind this is that aluminium has lower conductivity than copper and thus, to carry the same current, would have to have a larger diameter. At the same time, copper has a higher thermal conductivity than aluminium which allows for greater heat dissipation.

Copper’s strength proves it to be a sturdier metal as compared to aluminium and that’s the reason why it is preferred over it in wiring systems since it can undergo lots of pulling with stretching out. That allows it to remain a safer metal due to better current carrying capacity, better energy and better heat dissipation.

Another amazing aspect of this amazing metal is that it is resistant to ‘creep’ – which is when metals deform under stress. It is also impervious, to a large extent, to breakage. Yet another aspect of copper is while it is strong, it is ductile as well. That is not usually the case. In most instances, the stronger a metal is the lesser pliability it has.

Copper is rather easy to work with and that’s the reason behind its popularity in most areas of industrial and domestic applications.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Why You Must Use Stranded Copper Wire Over Solid Wire

Stranded copper wire is widely used in all major electrical applications like any other copper and copper-alloy wires. Stranded wires are a collection of individual wires that make it more robust and durable than the other types of copper wires. They are very resourceful and have a high service life. Stranded wire is available in three types of bare copper stranded wire, tinned copper stranded wire, and hard copper stranded wire.

Why stranded wire is preferred over solid wire:

Easily customizable:

The stranded copper wire can be molded into any shape or size to fit the requirements of the users. Being robust, risks of any damage is very low. The wire is widely used in electric and electronic devices, computer accessories like mouse, networking cables, automobile industries and every other business where a wire must be molded and bent.

Wide applications:

The stranded wire is also widely used in audio headphones, musical instrument cables, line cords, mining machine cables, control cables, welding electronic cables and similar to connect different moving machine parts and cables

Resistant to heat:

Stranded wire offers more resistance to heat and other rough temperatures. It can be stretched to any level without losing its power and strength. The stranded wire is a good conductor of electricity. The isolated wires blend together to form a larger surface area. They work well for the heavy load products that lose their strength due to constant usage.

The solid copper wire is stiff and hard to bend or customize. It requires a lot of force and possibilities of getting damaged in the process is high. So, it is recommended to use the stranded copper wire in such applications to ensure quality is not sacrificed. It also is used is materials that get weakened by repeatedly being subject to loads and tends to get damaged.
More consistent and sturdy:
Copper wire will also work ideally for cables moving through a circuit board and for enclosed knobs/ switches. Solid wire will lose its strength when used continuously in conduits or in the termination points in cabinet junction boxes. They will break in between and can cause severe damage. Stranded wire, on the other hand, grow stronger the more they are bent.  keeps growing stronger as and when bent.

How to use:

Because of its flexibility copper wire can be used to pull and setup in any way without any hassles. It may lose its shape if it is not kept in a spool.  Although it is higher in costs than the solid wire, the benefits it offers makes the users prefer it more. 
Wire not suitable for breadboards:

The stranded copper wire can be used in every application without any complications except in solderless breadboards where the solid wires work better. This is because stranded wires can be moved easily as they do not stick to one surface. Solid wires, on the other hand, are stiff and can be easily routed through a straight path. Solid wires also are more suitable for laying of wires in buildings, complexes, and construction of houses as it is stiffer and straight.