Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Why Is Tinned Copper Wire A Better Choice

Copper has been used widely across the globe in wiring since a long time due to its quality of high thermal and electrical conductivity. Two major processes of coating of copper wire are hot dip and electroplating. Hot dip is a process where bare copper is passed through a bath of molten metal.  Copper wire, coated with thin electroplated layer of tin which maybe composed of a single or many strands of copper wire, is tinned copper wire through electroplating.
Reasons behind tinning of copper wire
Tinning of copper not only increases its life span but it also boosts its qualities. Some of the major benefits of tinned copper wire are:

  1. Longer life span

    Tinned copper wire has boosted longevity and produces amazing results even after years of deployment.

  2. Resistance to corrosion

    One of the major benefits of tinned copper wire is its anti-corrosive nature.   Due to its anti-corrosive nature, tinned copper wires are more effective in marine usage and in areas of high moisture and humidity.

  3. Electrical conductivity

    Tinned copper wire has higher electrical conductivity.Tinning of copper wire increases its quality of conductivity and makes it a much better option than others.

  4. Cost effectiveness

    Copper is more cost effective metal as compared to other metals. It is much cheaper and efficient to produce tinned copper wire.

Tinned copper wire is widely used for soldering purposes. It is also used in industrial machines, heaters, overhead power sources in subways, and operations where temperatures reach over 100 degrees. Tinned copper wire is undoubtedly a better choice than most others due to its conductivity qualities and wider range of usage. Superior qualities and cost effectiveness make it a highly preferred choice.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Why Silver Copper Wire is Preferred Over Other Forms?

Copper wires come in many forms and shapes and are used in innumerable ways in our daily lives.   The most widely used copper wires are bare copper wire, tin coated copper wire, tinsel copper wires, silver copper wires, nickel copper wires and fibre glass wires. You can find them in strips and cables too. Silver is the best conductor of electricity but because of its high costs it is not viable to use it in appliances. Copper on the other hand is a flexible and affordable alternative. It is strong and durable and mixes well with many other metals.  The wire is also commonly known as silver plated copper wire.

Mixture of Silver and Copper: 

Silver plating is used over the copper wire to ensure it becomes more robust while keeping the cost low. The silver copper wire is small and light in weight but highly stable, reliable and lasting. The manufacturers mix the two metals and create a corrosion resistant product. They are made in different shapes and thicknesses and they can be customized and created as per the needs of the customer. Some of its features are its high strength, abrasion and corrosion resistivity, scratch proof, shiny and elegant finish. They are used in both commercial and residential appliances.

Benefits of Silver Plated Wires:

High level of performance: The biggest benefit of silver copper wire is that though it loses its shininess as it grows, its conductive nature towards electricity does not change. It still performs as good as a new wire. It is long lasting and the best type of copper wire.

Flexible Nature: The silver plated copper wire can withstand high energy doses with ease. It is shockproof and comes with high resistance in every way. The silver plated copper wire is available in different thicknesses and specifications. The silver used in the wires vary and are available with 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 grams in every kg of the alloy. Users can ask for a different composition if they require.  The costs increase with the increase in silver quantity.

Applications:  They are vastly used in musical instruments, radio cabling and are available in different voltage ratings. They are applied as coloured wires, textile wires. in high frequency applications and micro cables.

Uses of Silver plated wire:

Silver copper wire is used by almost all the sectors like cabling companies, by the telecommunication industry, railways.  Copper in every form is otherwise also widely used in the aerospace industry in radars, transmission wires, cockpit channels, in the defence industry in making bullets, grenades, pharmaceutical industry for many health care products, telecommunication industry for telephone cables, radar systems etc.
Silver copper wire is also used by the jewellery manufacturers. There are several types of earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, body jewellery, brooches, fancy headgears, pendants, cuffs, handmade strings and many more similar areas where high quality well designed and colourful products are designed.

The manufacturers are committed to offer high quality products matching international standards. They release the products after conducting rigorous tests to ensure quality and security.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Buy High Quality Nickel Copper Wire From Reputed Suppliers

Nickel Copper wire is extremely valuable since it is used for a variety of purposes. Nickel plated copper wire is made from a copper core, and is properly covered by concentric nickel plating. Nickel plating is applied to copper wire due to its high corrosion resistance properties, its durability as well as stability even at extremes of temperatures
Nickel copper wire is available in different diameters ranging from 0.030mm to 0.500mm. Since Nickel copper wires have high tensile strength and enhanced resistivity values, they are the most preferred option for applications such as high quality resistance wires. Since the strength of nickel varies, you can easily choose nickel copper wires according to your specific requirements. The nickel copper wire can be moulded in numerous forms depending upon its usage and functioning. It is also developed to form an insulated electrical copper cable. Nickel Copper wires are now available as bare wire, litz wire or enamelled wire with insulation.

Advantages of the nickel layered copper wire are 
  • High corrosion resistance, 
  • Excellent mechanical properties. 
  • The decrease in high frequency loss in all HF applications.
Varied applications of Nickel copper wire 
  • Applications in high thermal and chemical requirements 
  • In Litz wires 
  • In HF applications 
  • In heating applications 
  • In resistance wires All applications which require additional mechanical requirements 
Nickel copper wires are manufactured by many reputed companies. They use best of technology in order to ensure the high quality of nickel copper wires to satisfy varied market demands. You can buy online from a reputed company known for its consistent quality as well as high product reliability. It is important to specify your requirements and ask for quotations. Before buying, it is important to check and compare the rates.