Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Qualities that Make Copper Wire Ideal for Electrical Use

Copper is a chemical element with atomic symbol Cu and atomic number 29. In the present times, copper is used across various industries like construction, metallurgy, medical, and more; but, copper’s use in electrical industry, especially for making copper wires, is the most popular. There are several qualities that make copper wire ideal for electrical use; the same are mentioned below:

Superb Electrical Conductivity: Copper wire possesses superb electrical conductivity, which enables it to carry more electrical current per diameter of wire. In other words, copper wire diminishes less charge when electric current passes through it.

Ductile: Due to high ductility of copper, the wires made out of this metal could be stretched to a good length without making them frail. This quality is very important from the point of view of electrical use.

Corrosion Resistance: The special chemical properties of copper make copper wire resistant to rust or corrosion. This makes these wires to last long even when exposed to harsh environment.

High Temperature Tolerance: In electrical wires, there usually come frequent changes in the temperature of outer surface of the wire owing to the flow of electrical current through it. In such a situation, it is necessary for a wire to withstand such frequent and at times extreme temperature changes; copper wire possesses high temperature tolerance, and thus best suited for electric power supply.

Global Standard: Copper wires are globally accepted for various kinds of electrical wiring applications in both domestic and commercial settings. The majority of contemporary building designs support copper wiring. Due to global standard, these wires are very easily available as well.

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