Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wide Variety of Copper Uses in Form of Wires and Foils

Copper being a very good conductor of heat and electricity is extensively used for electrical power transmission to short and long distances. Copper wires can be used in both insulated form and naked or bare copper wire depending upon the requirements. Bare copper wire is used in cables or underground wiring for the light and heavy transit systems, in electrically powered underground trains and buses etc. They are available in different sizes and diameters but getting the smaller AWG size facilitates

good flexibility while bending them around the corners. Copper wire which are insulated with the PVC coating and protected by a flexible aluminum or steel covering to prevent the wires from mechanical damage are also called armored cables. These armored cables are extensively used in underground mines, cables, industrial areas and buildings.

The PVC insulated wires are extensively used in control cables which are used as interconnecting cable in signal and control instrument. These control cables are multi-core cables with high degree of flexibility. Copper having the property of malleability can be pressed to form thin sheets or copper foils which find their uses in printed circuit board industry and stained glass work projects. These printed circuits boards are commonly used in computers, home based entertainment systems, mobile phones and other electronics. Copper foils are electroplated and then subjected to different chemical treatment to make them suitable for specific uses.

Aluminum rods which are immune to rusting are specifically used in chemical industries and they may also be converted into foils. They act as good and cost-effective substitute for the silver rods.


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