Monday, May 30, 2011

Uses of Stranded Copper Wire and Other Varieties

It is actually needless to mention that among all the metals used around the world, copper can be counted as the vital most one. Some of its important properties and characteristics make it the most versatile metal used for many purposes; its use in the life of the modern people is very significant.

Copper plays a vital role in the arena of electrical segment where it is used in numerous ways. It is a very good conductor of electricity so its primary use is in manufacturing copper wire. Although other materials such as aluminium wire can also be used for the manufacturing purposes, the most preferred one is copper.
To make copper a good conductor of electricity many small gauge wires of copper are composed together to form stranded copper wire. The thinner conductors make the stranded wire more flexible and solid as compared to other wires of same diameter. Many builders choose stranded wire due to its strength and reliability.

The stranded wires are known for their superior flexibility which rates them high when it comes of wiring the circuit boards, headphones or any other uses which requires joints and tight bends. Besides this these wires are also used in residential wires as they allow easy bending and can be easily pulled out. Some other electrical uses of stranded wire are musical instruments cables, A.C. line cords, computer mouse cables, control cables connecting moving machine parts, trailing machine cables and many more. Therefore a stranded wire is more economical and preferred choice over other similar cross-sectional area.

These stranded wires also go through the process of electroplating where they are coated with tin which gives them more strength and makes them more durable. The electroplating process or hot dipping the wire into tin is also done on aluminum wire. But the tin coated stranded copper wire has higher resistance in comparison to that of solid copper or aluminum wire of a similar diameter.

Many copper products manufacturers also use pure copper foil base material and electric conductive adhesive coating to produce copper foil adhesive tapes. These tapes are used in pipeline seam of displayer and wire of computer, refrigerator, transformer, water heater manufacture, wire, cable, and sophisticated electronics and in many such types of equipment where high frequency transmission is required.

These manufacturers also have copper wires in both insulated and non insulated forms as depending on the requirements. The copper wire popularly known as ground wire has no insulation and protection and therefore, known as bare copper wire. The electrical companies buy bare copper wire from these copper manufacturers for using them as a base of cables and wire and therefore copper wire in bare form plays a major role in cable industries.

After having a clear and crisp idea about copper and its by-products applications it must be remembered that copper wire should only be purchased from a reputed company of the market. One should assure that the exporter must provide you with a reliable product only.


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