Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Getting The Best Tinned Copper Wires Is Child’s Play Now

Tinned copper wires are used for many applications in numerous industries of all types and sizes.

In fact, copper wires are used extensively in the electrical and manufacturing industries. This is due to the excellent thermal and electric conductivity features of copper.
Tinning of copper wires

Copper is stretched out or drawn into wires of varying dimensions. Then they are further processed with a tin coating.

So why is it done?

Copper wires are tinned since the tin coating acts just like a shield, preventing the wire from oxidation. Oxides do not conduct electricity well, and they allow the wire to overheat. Tin prevents that from happening and this is the reason copper wires are tinned. There are two ways in which that is done- electroplating and hot dipping.

In electroplating, electric charge and rectifier are used to coat the wire.

In hot dipping, copper strands are dipped in hot tin. The wire is coated in the required depth of tin and it’s ready for use.

Benefits of tinned copper wires

The biggest benefit is longevity. Tinned copper wires last much longer than non-tinned ones. Also, they produce amazing results even after years upon years of use.
Then, these wires have superb anti-corrosion qualities. This makes them perfect for use in areas with strong humidity and moisture. In fact, they are widely used in the marine industry.

Tinned copper wires are also better at electrical conductivity. This feature makes them eminently useful in industries such as automobiles, trams, trolleys, electrical powered trains, etc.

For the best copper wires or tinned copper wires, research well before you zero in on the provider so that you are able to get the perfect product for your needs.
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